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Marketing Procurement Report 2017: Are you ready for a big leap forward?

Global survey of 300 senior procurement professionals uncovers new insights!  

Inside, learn from 8 key findings on the barriers and opportunities for industry change. Discover how procurement, business stakeholders and external suppliers can forge new forward-thinking partnerships.


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Key insights
  • The marketing procurement process is far too slow for the pace of today’s digital business.
    Arriving at a shortlist of vendors takes between one and four months, according to 60%  of companies surveyed. Another 20% of organizations take six months or longer.
  • Long “short” lists mean many agencies are just cannon fodder in the RFP process.
    Over 25% of the respondents report that project shortlists include 6-10 providers, creating inefficiencies for procurement teams, agencies and marketing stakeholders.
  • Procurement is spread across many categories, compounding the challenge of finding the right subject-matter expertise.
    For 72% of respondents, the marketing procurement team also gets involved in procuring legal services, and 56% are involved in management consulting services.
'Olympic-sized pools'
70% of respondents invite 11+ agencies to participate in an RFP

"Just getting the RFP to operate the way we want and getting vendors in a short amount of time and without any wastage of time and resources is a difficult process to carry out."

- Marketing procurement lead, Financial company, India